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Canvas: A-Z fall 2020 is a Course

Canvas: A-Z fall 2020

Ended Dec 15, 2020
3 credits

Spots remaining: 19

Full course description

ITEC 5959-60E fall 2020.  Canvas: A-Z - Jen Anderson and Diane Edgar.  Laramie County School District 1 certified staff only.  September 9-November 17, 2020.  Online.  Participants taking this course will learn how to address the demands of 21st century learners by exploring and creating an online course using the LMS, Canvas.  The course will require students to explore and experiment with various components of Canvas including module and page design, utilizing interactive tools, assessment capabilities, file management, and student management.  Students will learn the basic components of effective online instructional design.  Students will submit a final project consisting of a simple 2 module course demonstrating understanding of the various tools introduced in class.  CRN 19080.